Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Embarrassing locker room

As a former NFL player, I spent a lot of my time in the locker room. As many people wonder what goes on inside an NFL locker room, here is a quick look.

As an NFL player, the locker room is our home away from home. This is where the team members become a family. This is where we bond and learn about each other’s different cultures, personalities, and view on life.

On an NFL team, there are people from many different walks of life. People are from different races, different parts of the country, they grew up with different values, different religions, and different cultures. Being able to get to know these people and learn about their life is one of the things I enjoyed most about the NFL. It was such a great learning experience to interact with so many different people.

So what do NFL players talk about in the locker room? We talk about the same thing everybody else does. We talk a lot about our wives, girlfriends, families, children, movies, music, our problems, and of course, a lot of joking around and talking smack. On every team there are a couple of guys who love to play pranks and keep everyone guessing as to what is coming next. It is a lot of fun.


If you are planning a holiday to a luxury villa in Moraira you may want to know more about the resort you’ll be visiting that you might not otherwise find from a brochure.
Here are some interesting facts and helpful points about the resort of Moraira.
• There are 9500 Inhabitants in Moraira and Teulada combined - Teulada is the municipality and Moraira is the coastal village.
• Moraira can be accessed by the A7 Motorway: exit 63 Benissa. National N332 Valencia, Calpe, Alicante, Altea - Alicante. Alicante airport "El Altet" 59km.
• Moraira is situated on the coast with two long sandy beaches (Moraira and Portet) and 8km of rocky bays and cliffs.
• Moraira is renowned for its terraced vineyards that produce the sweet Moscatel, used to make the local Moscatel dessert wine.
• Moraira and Teulada were founded in 1386 after the Christian recon quest and was the property of the Marqueses of Ariza and the Dukes of Gandia among others until it passed to the crown in the 19th century.
Things to do in Moraira (if you ever do want to leave the luxury of your villa!)

Youtube embarrassing moments

There are so many ways to make money online. And the list of online money making methods continues to grow. One of the newest and fastest growing ways to profit on the Internet, is video marketing.

The more popular video sharing web sites, like YouTube, get millions of visitors an hour. And you can take advantage of this stream of steady free traffic. But exactly how do you go about making money at YouTube?

The first thing you need to do is a get a feel for what video marketing is all about. How do you do this? It's simple. Go to YouTube and look for videos created by marketing people, who are using videos as promotional tools. You'll notice that people are using YouTube to market all kinds of goods and services.

Now take a look at the kinds of videos other video marketers are making. You will probably see a lot of how to and tutorial videos, along with demonstrations of how different products, systems or techniques work. Look at the view counts for these videos. Which ones are the most popular? Read the comments at the end of the videos. Which ones got the most positive feedback from those who visited the page?

Doing this kind of simple research should give you an idea of what video marketing is all about, as well as what goes into making a popular video. In fact, you will find that the most popular videos in certain niches, all have things in common.


With the advancement of the age, the human body undergoes drastic changes and in the process becomes less efficient in informing its needs to the individual. Seeking the help of a doctor is the first thing to consider in such a situation and it's often necessary for the elderly to depend on diapers to salvage them from embarrassing situations. When choosing an adult diaper several factors are to be considered to ensure that the right one that suits to one's convenience and need is bought.
Diapers are basically one of two types. The first one in the form of underwear and the other mostly used as pads. One has to decide which type suits to his needs. Having decided the type of diaper one requires, one may find a bit difficult to choose among various brands. Mostly people buy adult diaper online rather than from shops obviously, due to the embarrassment that causes to them.
While choosing the brand one needs to consider the quality, cost and the various styles available under the brand. Purchasing adult diapers for continuous use can make a small dent in one's income and as such one has to consider the cost of the various brands before choosing the right one.

most embarrassing moments caught on tape

Closed circuit television (CCTV) continues its reign of surveillance. If you sympathize with the people who disagree with the use of video surveillance in public places, then replace reign of surveillance with invasion of privacy.

However you look at it, CCTV has had its share of successes in solving crimes. If it cannot deter criminals, then at least it can assist in the identification of criminals; this is still a very good argument for the use of video surveillance in public places, if you ask me.

The James Patrick Bulger Case

The 12th day of February 2003 was the day an innocent two-year child was murdered by two not-so-innocent ten-year olds. This murder case caused an outpouring of public outrage and unspeakable grief, the start of which was captured by CCTV.

Video surveillance cameras at the New Strand Shopping Center in Merseyside, England recorded the victim, Bulger, being led away by the perpetrators, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. His mutilated body was discovered two days later. It can be said that the video footages paved the way for the resolution of this heinous crime. But oh, for the day when cameras can detect criminal intent!

celebrity most embarrassing moments

Celebrity hairstyles have influenced us for thousands of years. Ever since Cleopatra first coined the idea that she could use her hairstyle to enhance her power and fame, women all over the world have mimicked the hairstyles and hair care rituals of the rich and famous in order to try and harness a little of that glory for themselves.
Here is an outline of how to use some of the best quality salon hair care products on the market to replicate and maintain the most popular celebrity hairstyles of recent times: 'The Farrah', 'The Rachel' and 'The Pob'.
The Farrah
Farrah Fawcett's flip was the predecessor of 'The Rachel' of the 1990s, spawning a zillion copycat hairstyles back in the 1970s. Both styles achieved enormous worldwide popularity, though the styles themselves couldn't be more different. Many celebrities have put a modern spin on the Farrah flip, creating backwards-facing curls which are softer than the Charlie's Angels star's original, for a more chic and subdued look.
The initial hairstyle needs to be created in a salon for the best effect; here are some tips for hair care options to maintain The Farrah. Apply a texturizing lotion to wet hair for texture and volume and blow dry the hair upside down from side to side. Use a paddle brush to increase volume and smooth the hair.

Girls most embarrassing moments

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